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Excelling in the art of turning prospects into sales leads, launching/nurturing successful business-to-business marketing campaigns and providing top-notch business data services with the most insightful and accurate business lists!

Lead Generation Canada

If generating leads is critical to your business’ success, then you’ve come to the right place. Our lead generating systems and solutions will provide your sales people with more qualified sales leads, allowing them to focus on closing sales, which will subsequently increase your ROI. From appointment setting to response management to lead nurturing, we handle everything necessary to fill your sales pipeline with highly-scored, pre-qualified leads. Our lead management and lead nurturing processes will ensure that no leads fall through the cracks and that all potential customers are handled with the care and attention necessary to bring them to the finish line of your sales cycle.

B2B Marketing

Our B2B marketing services consist of direct marketing and digital marketing strategies that have been refined and polished to ensure outstanding results for our clients. We offer direct mail marketing and follow up with every recipient to begin the process of turning prospects into strong leads. Our email marketing and telemarketing services will exponentially increase your chances of getting in touch with important decision-makers as well as build interest in your products or services. Our telemarketing professionals are educated, thoroughly trained and very friendly, allowing them to build trust and create a human connection with potential clients.

Database Marketing

To top off our expertise with marketing and lead generation in Canada, we are also a leading force in Canada that provides customized, accurate business lists to use as a foundation for generating business leads. Because our data has a 94% accuracy rating, you will spend less time and money and see an increase in your ROI. Our database marketing services don’t end there. We specialize in data management, programming, cleansing and appending to ensure the best data solution possible. We can also assist you with launching your call center and CRM systems. Let us put our 20+ years of experience with database marketing and data management to work for you!

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Lead Generation Canada

Sales Lead Generation

We will generate interest and inquiries about your products or services. Furthermore, we follow up with every business that we market to and begin the process of pre-qualifying the sales prospect.

Appointment Setting

Our business enhancement professionals have a tried and tested performance history of lining sales calendars with prosperous appointments that convert into fully fledged sales opportunities.

Lead Management

With our lead management services, you’ll have the ability to greatly enhance your ROI for your lead generation tasks, decrease the time-span of your sales cycle and convert more leads to sales.

Lead Nurturing

Businesses that shine at lead nurturing generate 50% additional sales-ready leads and reduce their costs by 33%. Also, nurtured leads are more inclined to buy, spend more, and remain loyal.

B2B Marketing Services

Automate Marketing

Picture having the capability to obtain leads with the click of a mouse, segment your database, and nurture leads. This individualized marketing strengthens trust and engagement, and results in an increase in sales and a large ROI.

Direct Mail Marketing

Our business enhancement professionals will launch a comprehensive direct mail campaign and call your leads to follow-up about the material they received. We get better results because we are proactive and add that personal touch.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an affordable, traceable means to connect and keep your company name in front of prospects, clients, and partners. When you individualize, evaluate, and enhance campaigns, you can generate top-notch returns.


We will call qualified decision-makers, demonstrate to them how you can be of assistance, and bring recognition to the value that your company brings. Gradually, they’ll be converted into qualified leads, and then into customers.

Database Marketing Services

Business Lists

Designed with your requirements in mind, our unique sales leads databases (containing over 1.4 million businesses) allow you to filter through the data to produce exactly the information you need to create new business leads.

Data Management

Our data management solutions are designed just for you. We update our databases daily to keep inaccurate data to a minimum. We also offer database programming, data migration, data appending and data cleansing.

Call Center Services

Setting up a new call center is a massive undertaking. There are many factors to consider. We eat, sleep and breathe call center solutions and can advise you detail-by-detail all the way through a huge selection of choices.

CRM Systems

A CRM system is a practical, inexpensive means for capturing and storing sales leads, prospects, and customer information in a single system. The right CRM solution will allow you to gain the insight you need to boost sales.